Yarn List

Lace Weight (8+ sts/inch)
Silky Alpaca Lace by Classic Elite
Alpaca Lace by Cascade Yarns
Baby Alpaca Lace by Plymouth Yarns
Pura Kid Mohair Silk by Pura Bella Yarns
Super Kid Seta by Trendsetter

Sock Weight (7 sts/inch)
Tosh Merino Light by Madeline Tosh
Mericash Solid by Punta
Lana Del Artista by Rio De La Plata
Soft Sea Wool by Reynolds
Santa Fe by Aslan Trends
Ella Rea Lace Marino
Heritage Handpaints by Cascade Yarns
Cherub Baby by Cascade Yarns
Baby Ull by Dale

DK (5.5 sts/inch)
Tosh Merino DK by Madeline Tosh
Baby Cashmerino and Silk by Sublime
Baby Silk and Bamboo by Sublime
Wool Bamboo by Classic Elite
220 Superwash Sport by Cascade
Encore DK by Plymouth Yarns
Kid Mohair Handpainted by Punta
Soft Linen by Classic Elite
Verano Handpainted Cotton
by Pagewood Farms

Worsted Weight (4.5 - 5 sts/inch)
Cascade 220 by Cascade Yarns
Silk Garden by Noro
Invernal by Aslan Trends
Venezia by Cascade
Royal Alpace by Aslan Trends
Rustic by Cascade
Luna by Cascade
Eco Duo by Cascade
Merisoft by Punta
King Baby Lama & Mulberry Silk by Aslan Trends
Giselle by Classic Elite
Pima Classico by Aslan Trends
Tinted Tweed by Woodstock Knits
Luxe Alpace by Woodstock Knits
Mericash Thousand Colors by Punta

Wool Classica by Manos
Iro by Noro
Ecological Wool and Eco + by Cascade
Handpaint Chunky and Solid Alpaca by Misti Alpaca
Sprout by Classic Elite

Super Bulky
Nadeshiko by Noro
Swagger by Pagewood Farms
Flame by Punta
Giant Purls by Pagewood Farms
Handspun Bouquet by Pagewood Farms
Ringlets by Pagewood Farms
Fuzzy Purls by Pagewood Farms
Toboggan by Classic Elite
Dune by Trendsetter
Improv by Trendsetter
Flamenco by Trendsetter
Flounce by KFI

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